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Jeffrey S. Monzu

Jeffrey S. Monzu,

He leads planning and design for healthcare projects from our Omaha studio, ensuring design excellence and consistency in leadership

Jeff is fueled by passion for the power of healthcare design to improve individual wellness and advance society. He leads planning and design for healthcare projects from our Omaha studio, ensuring design excellence and consistency in leadership, and providing a wealth of technical expertise. For more than 25 years, he has delivered exceptional planning, programming, design, and project management of healthcare facilities, and he is well versed in healthcare operations and the precise requirements for healthcare environments. He understands that healthcare design can promote wellness for both patients and staff.
Jeff is a past president for both the Omaha and Nebraska chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and an active mentor for the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. He contributes regularly to healthcare and design journals and speaks frequently at industry conferences. Because of his dedication to improving access to healthcare for populations with unique needs and in smaller communities, Jeff was honored by Healthcare Design Magazine as the 2018 HCD 10 Architect.

“When we design healing environments, especially for small communities and underserved populations, we bring hope into the lives of people who need it,” Jeff said. “That’s when our work transcends design, becoming something worthy of being called ‘a life’s work.”

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Jeffrey leads planning and design for healthcare projects from the LEO A DALY studio in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, so it was an honor for him to have a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic and theme of the Veterans Administration (VA) Ambulatory Care Center in Omaha. The 157,000-square-foot, three-story Care Center’s western façade salutes veterans with a laminated glass façade that beautifully replicates the color bars military members wear on their dress uniforms. The windows are stacked into four rows of laminated colored glass, and just as the color bars on a uniform vary in width and color, so do the windows. As many as a dozen Vanceva® PVB interlayers were used in shades of red, plum, purple, light aqua, dark aqua, blue, Kelly green, dark green, yellow, harvest gold, and orange. The windows are enjoyed inside the facility as much as they are from the outsider. As each day begins and ends, the sunlight pushes the colors of the interlays onto the walls and floors, enveloping pathways and rooms in mood-lifting ribbons of color.


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