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Vanceva Individual Color Samples

$15.00 per sample - There are no costs for samples and shipping but there is a charge for processing.

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Vanceva Color Tool

The Vanceva tools will help you to select the right color

Vanceva White Collection Samples Kit
Create the right white in every light.

The Vanceva White Collection comes in a wide array of choices, allowing designers and architects to specify the light transmittance, solar absorption, heat gain coefficient, and U-factor they need. The kit contains our Cool White (80% VLT), Arctic Snow (65% VLT), Polar White (7% VLT) as well as a double-sided glass combining Polar White with Absolute Black. New addition to the Vanceva White Collection, Vanceva Illusion White, our translucent-gradient PVB, is now included.
Earth Tones Collection Samples Kit
Create inviting spaces with our 11 Earth Tones in shades of blue, grey, green, brown, and bronze—colors that are all similar to industry standard glass tints when laminated in clear glass.
Vanceva Color Selector
The Vanceva color selector tool will allow Architects and Designers to create any Vanceva interlayer color combination right at their desks. Includes the entire Vanceva foundational palette, specialty colors, and white/opaque interlayers including Vanceva Absolute Black and Ocean Grey! Step by step instructions also included. 
Vanceva Glass Samples Set
Dream, design and create in color right at home or in the office with this extended color set. This sample set includes the sixteen original Vanceva single layer colors. Mix and match colors in natural light to see a closer representation of your finished glass color.

- 8 foundation colors (Coral Rose, Aquamarine, Smoke Grey, Sahara Sun, Ruby Red, Sapphire, Evening Shadow, Golden Light)
- 4 specialty colors (Deep red, True Blue, Tangerine, Ocean Grey)
- 2 opaques (Polar white, Absolute Black)
- 2 transluscent whites (Cool white, Arctic Snow)

Vanceva Inspirational Books

Overview of projects made with Vanceva interlayers

Vanceva World of Color Awards Book
This book highlights all the submitted projects from the last Vanceva World of Color Awards competitition (ed. 2018).
The Vanceva Dream Book
The Vanceva Dream Book is a hard bound photo collection from architects around the world who have used Vanceva Colors  to realize their boldest and most innovative architectural and interior designs. This is a compilation of the best projects gathered during the last Vanceva World of Color Awards competition.