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There’s something new at this year’s Vanceva® World of Color Awards™

Introducing the Bernard Bühler Award for Exceptional Color Use in Exterior Architecture and Design

Renowned French architect Bernard Bühler has created many inspiring projects across France using the Vanceva® Color Interlayer System. In honor of his architectural achievements and to expand recognition of extraordinary exterior design through the use of Vanceva® Color interlayers, Eastman is introducing the Bernard Bühler Award for the 2022 Vanceva® World of Color Awards™.


It is our great honor to have Bernard Bühler as the sole juror for this special award. Bernard Bühler has a special connection to the Vanceva® World of Color Awards™, having won in 2012 for 29 logements îlot V3A ZAC Seguin in Boulogne Billancourt. The winning project of the first-ever Bernard Bühler Award will also be announced along with the rest of the winners of the 2022 Vanceva® World of Color Awards™ on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.


Living in Color


Bernard Bühler’s architectural firm focuses on multi-resident housing and their exteriors. Traditionally, apartment buildings and condo complexes are predominantly white and grey, which provides a clean look, yet also merges into the background of their surroundings. For Bernard Bühler, color adds architectural interest and brings these buildings to the forefront with their unique designs and colored glass.


“By combining glass and a wide variety of playful colors, I like to create apartment buildings that are dynamic and fun places to live in,” explains Bernard Bühler. “Those interlayers are perfect tools to bring my vision of colored living places to life”.


The choice of materials for exterior facades is very important. Bernard Bühler first saw colored interlayers used on a building designed by Jean Nouvel in Paris. It was love at first sight, leading to a career-long inspiration of incorporating color into exterior designs.


A History Together


Bernard Bühler has been mixing architecture and Vanceva® colored interlayers for more than 20 years, and residents of his hue-emboldened social housing projects are happier for it. He first used Vanceva® colored interlayers two decades ago, with glass inserts on windows for a building in Bayonne. After that, he just continued using the product uniquely in his designs.


While France is conservative when it comes to using colors, Bernard Bühler has brought bold color to much of his work. “I am committed to making the homes of people living in social houses welcoming and joyful places, but also qualitative,” he says. To Bernard Bühler, “color is joy.”


Competition Now Open


The 2022 Vanceva® World of Color Awards™ is now open. This bi-yearly design competition for architects, artists, and others who use Vanceva® interlayers to infuse color into their work is an opportunity to flex some creative muscle!


Join us throughout the year as the competition progresses, including a month of public voting on our website April 1-30, 2022, and the announcement of all winners on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.