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Food Park Truck SKG, the first outdoor food truck park in Greece, is the newest design by K TZIMIKA ARCHITECTS. The project is inspired by pop and street culture and its design reflects ephemerality, variability, spontaneity, mobility, freedom and fun, all basic requirements by this innovative concept within the food & beverage sector. The partnership of two groups of entrepreneurs from the field of mobile catering units (The Vanners & Mammy’s Caravan) and their need for a fixed spot where they will provide their services, led to the creation of the first outdoor food truck park in Greece. The park, as a new point of attraction, both at a neighborhood and at a city level, provides food, desserts, coffee, drinks and a pleasant space for all ages, accessible by all. The 1,045 sqm project is located at a previously non-developed plot in Pylea, Thessaloniki, northwest of Eleorama and on the borders of November 17 highway. Given the innovative concept of this project, the very definition of the design objective appeared as a challenge early on. The main requirements of the outdoor makeover of the site were to accommodate up to six mobile catering units, to welcome the recreational spirit of the users within the boundaries of the park and, finally, to provide the necessary auxiliary spaces (storage and restrooms) necessary for the operation of the project. At the same time, the trucks need to be given unobstructed access to and from the park for outdoor events & festivals. The central idea of the design is the creation of a central enclosed core, that acts as the "public" strategic space of the park, the main "square", where sitting is more structured. The trucks are placed around this area in an amphitheatrical order as contours on the ground, creating an "embrace" and a visual boundary, while in proximity and direct access to the sitting area. Morphologically, free curved lines determine the central space and the patches’ location (bases of the trucks), giving to the space a sense of natural fluidity. The "square" is surrounded by 40 cm high and 40 cm wide curved walls that function as outdoor sitting elements. Inside the square, stricter wedge shapes define the only hardscape at the park. At its perimeter, there are again 40 cm high and 40 cm wide walls that serve as sitting. A central ramp with a dynamic geometry is running through the site, providing direct access to passing customers coming from the entrance of the site to the truck area, while at the same time providing an easy access for wheelchair users reflecting an integrated design approach to accessibility. Curved shapes and organized geometric forms combine freedom with structure often met within an urban environment. Color is a key element in rendering design intent. A palette of six bright colors signals the different positions of the trucks and at the same time unifies and blends the different forms of the square that end at the central hardscape and ramp. The colors on the ground of the sitting area are transformed into an oversized canvas for a pop street artwork: an intensely shaped and colored graffiti made by the art group 3MK that gives even greater emphasis to the central gathering space. The final aesthetical and morphological effect harmonizes with the intensity and fluidity of the modern way of living in the urban environment, embracing elements of surprise, encounter and liveliness. recreation movement happiness freedom co-existance community Materials are selected to make the least possible interference on site. Concrete has only been used as trucks basis, at the platform of the sitting area and the main ramp. Gravel is the main material used on most of the site. Metal pergolas with colored polycarbonate surfaces type Volkswagen T2 built in the '70s are placed over the trucks and textile fabrics at the center of the square. Plants, as green elements and color, that emphasizes to the different design elements. Even the roofing of the ancillary and sanitary areas was incorporated into the project on the condition of variability and mobility: these spaces are housed in a used steel dry cargo container type 45ft High Cube, which was modified to acquire building characteristics while incorporating the design principles of the project (color, pop & fun aesthetics).

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