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Home Office at 17 Lansdown Avenue


Paredes , Outros , Europa/oriente médio/África

Location: Southampton, UK
Completion: Work in progress
Architect(s): Axis Architecture
Glass Laminator: Toughglaze UK Ltd
Featured products: Vanceva® Interlayer Color # 2556 / Vanceva® Interlayer Color #2223 / Vanceva® Interlayer Color #2224 / Vanceva® Interlayer Color #0004 / Vanceva® Interlayer Color #0004C
Photo credit: Giordana Burns

Colours and simplicity are the fundamental components of the client's brief for his 2021 Work from Home Pod. After some research on the psychology of colours, we decided to include a variety of colours to brighten up the space but mostly our design intention was to use colours to influence physiological reactions. Did you know that colours helps us to have better memories. According to ColorCom “colour helps us store and process images more efficiently than colourless (black and white) scenes”, therefore we remember colourful images better. What better place to work than in a rainbow? The client was keen for us to implement our ideas of multi-colour design. And we delivered! Thanks to the use of the purple film 2556, blue 2223, green 2224, yellow 0004 and red 004C the Home Office Cube ticked all the boxes and our client is very excited to take it to the next step.

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