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The Peabody Orlando Expansion Tower


Facciate , Hotel , Nord america

  • Location: Orlando, FL, USA
  • Date Completed: 9/1/2010
  • Architect(s)/Firm(s): SCA Design Group
  • Glass Laminator/Supplier: Viracon, Inc. |
  • Glazer: Enclos
  • Photography: Bob Braun

Integration of Color Glazing Adds Touch of Whimsy to Hotel Design

The Peabody Orlando proved to be a unique challenge for the architects as they more than tripled the size of an already successful existing hotel. A specific color palette tailored exactly to the project’s needs was developed and incorporated throughout the entire hotel as a way to integrate the new 32-story addition with the existing property.
Color plays a significant role in any hospitality project and the Peabody Orlando was no exception. Knowing that both the interior and exterior palette can set the tone for how a person perceives a space, the designers constructed palette from the Vanceva® color system based on the desire to bring the building into a more pedestrian-friendly scale. Blue glazing was selected for the lobby to provide a measure of calm and relaxation to the arrival experience. Cooperating with the lush interior landscaping and natural wood and stone interior finishes, green hues became the vehicle to bring the outside environment into the 4-story pre-assembly convention space. The bright orange, red and blue color palette at the crown of the building expresses life, excitement and celebration. Used in moderation, these colors add a sense of whimsy to the Peabody Orlando hotel.

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