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A Long Time is Not Forever

2022 Vanceva World of Color Awards - Interior Category Winner

A Long Time is Not Forever is designed by visual artist Malene Nors Tardrup for Bispebjerg Hospital’s seven-storey carpark. It is a research-based artwork that has a long process of tracking historical material in archives behind it. A Long Time is Not Forever contains a wealth of stories from the hospital’s long life and consists of seven photographic collages printed on Vanceva colored windows in the staircase of the parking lot. The windows in the staircase are 3490 x 1313 mm Weißglas with Vanceva. The lightest mosaic-squares in each window are Vanceva colors - and creates a colorful view to the outside surroundings and a remarkable aesthetic coloring of the inside architecture. The other color tones and the photographs are ceramic digital printing on the colored laminated glass. The glass lamination and the ceramic digital printing is made by ThieleGlas. In the project design Tardrup have taken into account a lot of historical photographs found in the Royal Library’s Picture Collection and Bispebjerg Hospital’s own image archive. In addition, Tardrup have documented how the past meets the present Hospital by adding new layers to the story of the place and the past. The seven photographic collages are based on both the official depiction of Bispebjerg Hospital’s cultural heritage and depict personal stories of the everyday life at the hospital. Each floor tells one particular story from Bispebjerg Hospital’s 100 years as a pioneer, unique architectural, private home for employees with families and as a small city in the city. The work emphasizes on several floors, the great architect Martin Nyrops (1849-1921), masterpiece of 1913, and documents the fruit of the close collaboration with landscape architect Edward Glæsel (1858-1915). With their profound focus on the relationship between the whole and the detail on both construction and landscape. They created a human and aesthetic hospital environment that still inspires international hospital projects today. The Vanceva colored windows in the building creates a historic and colorful trademark for Bispebjerg Hospital anno 2022.

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