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Restauration of the Districthouse Borgerhout


Ceiling , Government , Europe/middle east/africa

Location: Borgerhout, Belgium
Completion date: 2017
Architect(s): KARUUR Architects  |
Glass Laminator: Glas Trösch AG  |
Photo credit: ® Koen Van Damme & Frederik Beyens

Project : restauration of the Districthouse in Borgerhout (Belgium) Architect : KARUUR Architects Glass laminator : Leroi Industries - Lerobel Belgium Picture 1-3 by Koen Van Damme Picture 4 by Frederik Beyens For the restauration of the glazed dome of the Districthouse in Borgerhout we used 3 layers of Vanceva color interlayers to match the historical glazing. Combining a laminated Kathedral glass with 3 Vanceva color interlayers provided the perfect solution to match the old rose Kathedral glass. This resulted in a unique restauration project with Vanceva Color used in a different way.

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