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Okamura Garden Court Showroom


Partitions , Office , Asia pacific

This eye-catching partition (architectural wall) system is installed along the hallway approaching from the reception hall of our showroom, showcasing furniture products and space solution services for working environment. By seasons, by weather and also by time, morning or evening, the look of the system keeps changing and gives a genuine welcome to our customers every time with new fresh look. Quite various customers visit our showroom every day. Some are only one-time visitors, some others keep coming back several times. Many of those are expecting to find out something new or inspiring ideas at our showroom. Thus the system is designed to give fresh impression and uplifting atmosphere to those who are first time visitors or frequenters. This system consists 2 types of colored glass panels by Vanceva with different transparencies along with painted steel panels, exploring one color to express wide variety of lighting effects, controlled by differences in materials and its transparencies. Besides color and light effects, panel pieces in different size and shapes of rectangular and square piled into a large panel surface have a sense of rhythm to space. And along with the gradation from blue tone to green tone, black painted frames as an accent translate the bracing and premium touch.

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