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Facades , Retail , Europe/middle east/africa

  • Location: Greifswald, Germany
  • Date Completed: 1/14/2011
  • Architect: Werner Schmidt Holstenstraße 
  • Glass Laminator/Supplier: Semcoglas Glastechnik GmbH |
  • Photography: Bernd Lasdin

Laminated Glass Uniquely Defines Mall’s Colorful Character 

With so many different shops in this mall, it could have been a difficult task to find a color that exemplifies each store. But Vanceva™ color PVB interlayers made it possible for the architects to find just the right hue for each department in the mall. The color glazed glass also harmonizes nicely with the geometric cube shape of the building. When the sun shines brightly through the glass, bathing the inside of the building with colored light, the architect describes it as “the best effect.”

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