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Trafo II Baden - Halle 37


Fassaden , Hotel , Europa, mittlerer osten und afrika

The two architects, Graf Biscioni Architekten AG / SIA and Max Müller Architect BSA SWB have successfully participated in a design competition in 2009. The new building, which includes a 81 room hotel and 32 apartments, offers space for exclusive events. On the 24th of November 2014, Halle 37 newly opened as the biggest event hall of the Congress Center. It is an eye-catcher in every respect. A major and decisive contribution to the overall structure makes the art by Ugo Rondinone, who prevailed in a competition process. The 660 colored window elements, with modern and energetic3-ply GEWE-therm® 4SG insulating glass of the side glass panels are giving the hall a newly flair. The requirements to meet design and environmental architecture, a structure of insulating glasses with a so-called "warm edge" was carried out laminated safety glass with color and sound insulation foils in combination with GEWE®. There are 37 different color foil combinations, which are mixed in the object, they provide a unique, intimate atmosphere, so that architect Bisconi called the Trafo II as an "Industrial Cathedral". 37 different color combinations are related to the name of the Hall – Hall 37.

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