The Vanceva Color Selector Tool

Select Acid Etch or Sandblast to play with different levels of translucency. Learn more here.

Important note Earth Tone color codes are not compositions of several layers. Read here for more information

swatch demo
swatch demo

Standard Color References to NCS, Pantone and RAL are the closest match available as determined by calculation of RGB values associated with the named colors. All RGB values for Vanceva are based on transmittance, 10 degree observer with Illuminant D65. Visually perceived color may differ.


Color Representation provided as a quick visual guide and will be affected by many variables. Review of physical samples, including actual glass thickness, color and coating are recommended prior to acceptance of any color match. Glass samples from Eastman are 10cmx10cm (4 inch x 4 inch). Colors and Black except Whites are supplied in clear glass. White samples are supplied in low iron, “ultraclear” glass. Glass is 3 mm (0.125 inch) thick making the laminate nominally 6 mm (0.25 inch). Mock up samples may be ordered through laminators (

Prior to accepting a order or project production of any colored glazing, ensure a physical sample of the selected color has been viewed and approved.


The data provided were calculated in Opticsv6 and Window 6.3 using NFRC/ASHRAE conditions. For data to EN 410, please use our glass configurator tool here: Vanceva glass configurator.


® NCS is a registered trademark of NCS Colour AB, ® Pantone is a registered trademark of Pantone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated. ® RAL is a registered trademark of RAL gGmbH. The Standard Color References data has not been reviewed, authorized nor approved by NCS, Pantone LLC or RAL. This color data in this document is intended for general reference only, and is not intended to indicate that any Vanceva color will be faithful reproductions of the NCS, Pantone or RAL colors referenced.