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Ammar Al Assam

Ammar Al Assam,

Chief Executive Officer at Dewan Architects & Engineers he has led the firm in developing, regional multi-disciplinary and multi-market growth plan.

Since joining Dewan in 2003, Ammar has led the firm in developing and implementing a strategic, regional multi-disciplinary and multi-market growth plan. In the past nine years, Dewan has set up regional offices in, Saudi, Iraq, Philippines and Veitnam to focus A&E operations in the Gulf, the Levant, North Africa, and South East Asia. With an emphasis on the growing importance of environmental consciousness, Ammar has helped steer Dewan to the forefront of designing high-performance, sustainable, and environmentally friendly buildings that receive LEED and ESTIDAMA certification without compromising on functionality or the high aesthetics that regional clients strive for. Ammar received both his Master in Business Administration and his Bachelor in Civil Engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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“Inspired by Arabic calligraphy the graded curvilinear architectural elements are also inspired by the pages of an open book.”

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