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Vanceva Sample Sets and Books

Vanceva Color Selector
Shipping & Handling: $15.00
The new Vanceva color selector tool will allow Architects and Designers to create any Vanceva interlayer color combination right at their desks. Includes the entire Vanceva foundational palette, specialty colors, and white/opaque interlayers including Vanceva Absolute Black and Ocean Grey! Step by step instructions also included.
Vanceva Color Sample Set
Shipping & Handling: $60.00
Dream, design and create in color right at home or in the office with this standard color set. This sample set includes the nine original Vanceva single layer colors. Mix and match colors in natural light to see a closer representation of your finished glass color.
Vanceva Extended Color Sample Set
Shipping & Handling: $80.00
Same as the Vanceva Color Sample Set above plus specialty colors Deep Red, True Blue, Tangerine, Polar White, Absolute Black, and new Ocean Grey.
Vanceva White, Black and Ocean Grey Sample Set
Shipping & Handling: $50.00
Five laminated glass samples including Cool White, Arctic Snow, Polar White, Absolute Black and new Ocean Grey.
Vanceva Dream Book
Shipping & Handling: $20.00
The Vanceva Dream Book is a hard bound photo collection from architects around the world who have used Vanceva Colors by Saflex™ to realize their boldest and most innovative architectural and interior designs.
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