Vanceva colors by Saflex can bring creative color to your next design with all of the benefits of laminated glass
Vanceva Color System

Discover the possibilities of Vanceva® color by Saflex

The Vanceva® color studio encompasses a wide range of innovative color solutions that enable architects, designers, and engineers to use glass for functions and applications never before thought possible. Vanceva color interlayers are permanently laminated together between two pieces of glass to form a durable, easy to maintain glazing system.

About the Vanceva Color Interlayer Layering System
The Vanceva custom color interlayer system can produce a broad spectrum of colors and moods that are unachievable using stock selections of glass. The color system offers a full range of colors from neutral, soothing pale whites and browns to vibrant, stunning bright purples and oranges in transparent, translucent or opaque color options to help create the perfect tone and intensity in glazing design. Read more about how the Vanceva layering system works.

Vanceva colors by Saflex can bring creative color to your next design with all of the benefits of laminated glass

Fade-resistant: Vanceva interlayer is made with heat- and light-stable pigments instead of dyes to produce colors that resist fading. When subjected to vigorous test conditions, Vanceva interlayer retained its colorfast properties, and all performance properties such as safety, impact, durability andstability. The colors are layered between two pieces of glass, so they are easy to maintain and clean. Vanceva interlayer is available worldwide with easy access to replacement glass.

Color Matching: Saflex maintains a database that cross references Vanceva color interlayer to standard color pallete systems (e.g. Pantone®, RAL®, etc) which can be used as a means of communicating color requirements in lieu of submitting samples.

All users of colors should be aware of the color phenomenon known as metamerism. This is the scientific term that describes why colors often look different when illuminated with different light sources. In any request to match a color, the primary lighting source (incandescent, fluorescent, daylight) at the end use location should be specified so that the color match will be optimal when viewed under the installed lighting conditions.

Vanceva colors by Saflex can bring creative color to your next design with all of the benefits of laminated glass

How to Purchase Glass made with Vanceva Color Interlayer
Saflex manufactures Vanceva color interlayer and supplies the interlayer to glass fabricators who laminate them within glass. The laminated glass systems are often fabricated into insulating glass units. Architects, designers, or homeowners who would like information about ordering laminated glass systems using our products should consult with the glass fabricator or glazing contractor of their choice. Please click here for a list of qualified fabricators who can provide price quotations for a specific project.

Vanceva® color interlayer is used in curtain walls, atriums, skylights, canopies, balustrades, partitions and conference rooms, allowing designs to be their most expressive with distinctive hues from the subtle to dramatic. When Vanceva color interlayer is combined with tinted or reflective glass, the design possibilities are nearly endless. Read more about Vanceva color interlayer and different glazing applications.

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