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Daniel Buren

Conceptual Artist - 2014 World of Color Awards™ Exterior Division Winner
French conceptual artist Daniel Buren creates a stunning visual art installation on the esplanade in front of the Gare Centrale de Tours in France.

The MIMIC Wall

The office of the future
The MIMIC wall is modular and made of hexagonal tiles that can open, close, and change their appearance based on the needs of the user and their environment.

To learn more about that project visit: Eastman Innovation Lab or watch the video here.

Architectural design—a shade better

First, there was light. Now, there is color. With Vanceva® color PVB interlayers, you can showcase your glazing designs in a whole spectrum of choices. And by doing so, you add more than color to glass. You give your project brilliance, beauty, wonder, and utility—all the qualities color glazing imparts to inspired architecture.   

A new palette of possibilities

With Vanceva, architects and designers are featuring glass like never before—combining color interlayers to produce more than 17,000 transparent, translucent, or opaque colors that create just the right look and ambience. In fact, no other PVB interlayer offers the range for colored laminated glass that Vanceva does.

Vanceva brings a whole new aesthetic to both interior and exterior applications, including balconies, curtain walls, atriums, skylights, partitions, conference rooms, and glass doors.

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